Gahhhh! I love your sketches! Both the art style and the way you portray ben and rey. It’s just so cute and sweet. If I could request something, can you sketch some reylo babies please! Haha. That or reylo as little children! More muses! Mwah mwah.


And I actually have a few reylo kids ocs designed out cause I enjoy these stuff

Name: Allana, (Namesake for the old solo who went darkside and also had an adorable daughter in the old expanded universe)
takes alot after padme and also wants to be a diplomat. Probably likes to practice either soresu or niman the most as a jedi. He actually laughs her ben’s dry humor. She’s more on the calm scale of of skywalker moods.
Lightsaber colour : Blue

Name: Ani (do i need to explain from where this name comes from)
Has scruffy hair and doesnt care much about their appearance. THey like mechanics and fixing things and in general hand crafts and thus helps their mother alot. They don’t talk much and prefer a quiet and peacefull lifestyle.  They’re the most adapt of the 3 siblings to actually be a jedi. 

Lightsaber colour : Green

Name:  ??? (havent decided whether to name her after someone who affected ben and rey orr the old EU)

At any point of given time a skywalker must be fucking up, and if bens not the one fucking up then one of his kids will.

Happy kid with her moral compass usually thrown out of the window
This ones a tiny lil shit, takes probably the worst of bits of the skywalkers in terms of bashfulness,recklessness and is always ready to talk her way out. Would go into smuggling and gets into trouble.
Hopefully won’t meet with any darksiders much because 99.9% she would fuck up and follow them but at least she’d still be happy doing what she wants.
she’s a lil shit, does things with an utmost intention to enjoy it.
THere’s no edgeyness with this one.
Would probably go buy her hats from the same shop cade bane used too.

Lightsaber colour : Yellow.