Fake dating + hair brushing <3


Yo this is gonna be suuuuper fluffy.

So post ep 9 right? Everyone is chill and happy, ppl are
still a bit awkward and wary about Kylo. Rey is the only one who can work with
him. She’s the only one who doesn’t find his stares or clipped remarks intense,
because she knows him. But because of the whole botched proposal in
TLJ and then his defection and subsequent selfless act to end the First Order,
Rey and Kylo just never…really…talked about what happened in the throne
room. It was like…a super off topic thing between them. They kinda both shrug
it off and be like ‘oh everything turned out fine now’ even though it is a really heavy topic between them that they know they should talk about.

Whatever moving on. There are still children finding the
Force in the galaxy and with Rey and Kylo the only ones with any type of
training, they’re the one who have to go find them and see if they need help.
If they are fine on their own then they’ll leave them be, leaving a
communication device in case they’re ever needed (like for anything: random
questions, sudden urge to train and use the Force, whatever, it’s all up to the

They actually stumble across a camp? Or group? Of children of
ages varying from like…idk 6-16yo, all force sensitives who have found each
other when the First Order was at the height of their reign. Now that the
threat of the FO is over, they’ve just stuck together because it felt safer and
they enjoy having friends with the Force/can understand each other. The kids
still visit their families and there’s no strict rules about it.

When Rey and Kylo turn up, they immediately scatter and freak
out, because they recognise Kylo as the Supreme Leader. The older ones know and
are really wary of him but the younger ones are too young to remember or know.
Weirdly enough, Kylo finds he can get along with the younger ones better than
the older ones, much to Rey’s amusement.

However, because the younger ones are still….children after
all, they misunderstand Rey and Kylo as dating. They start off by saying that
Kylo’s girlfriend is pretty and Kylo becomes flustered about it and stutters
and before he can say anything, Rey comes over. She knows that they’re just
kids and doesn’t really want to explain that they’re not
dating, and that it’s too fun seeing Kylo flustered like that!

So they go along with it. They visit the camp every few
months, the younger ones telling the older ones that Rey and Kylo are dating.
The older ones relax upon hearing this because (maybe it’s their actual
innocence idec) they know that Kylo won’t do anything to hurt Rey.


And the environment is nice. Kylo likes pretending. So does

They like to avoid heavy convos because running away is
always easier.

They visit the camp more often because they like having to
pretend without an excuse.

Kylo hangs around the younger ones heaps, sees himself in

Kids being kids, they play with each other’s hair a lot. The
kids kinda crawl on Kylo and try to braid his hair, which turn out a mess obvs
lmfao. Rey laughs and brushes out his knots and asks why Kylo lets the kids
walk all over him. He just shrugs and acts aloof even though they both highkey
know he likes it because it brings back memories of a time in his life when he
could be like them.

It becomes a thing actually. More often than not, when they
visit the camp, Rey ends up playing with Kylo’s hair to save him from their
grubby hands. He asks to braid Rey’s hair sometimes but she refuses, saying how
much she loves his hair.

Idk that’s it lmao. It’s super fuckin domestic and fluffy :3

(Send me two (2) tropes from this list + a ship and I’ll describe how I’d combine them in the same story)

I’m kind of amazed but not surprised that Rey’s character is simplified in some fandom interpretation. I’m glad you’re here to talk about her so passionately. I always think of her when I listen to Geyser by Mitski. That connection to the Force! Abandoment issues! I really wish there was more fic centred around her relationship to the magical power and connection possible deep inside her that had always been there which she has to explore. *opens word document*


Oh me too… I’m just amazed people think she’s simple, but I guess not everybody has read Before the Awakening with a magnifying glass trying to tease apart her character reactions. She’s super private and closed-off and more successfully deflecting than Kylo ever was, I think is what might surprise people the most. Given the choice between 1) stewing over something painful and 2) finding some physical activity or chore to do in order to completely and utterly never think about said painful thing ever again … she’s gonna pick 2 every time. Even back when those other scavengers betrayed her utterly and stole that ship from her, that enormous amount of food and hard work… she just stared into the middle distance for a while and went back to work. She didn’t get angry, she barely reacted. And then the super pathetic entry in her Survival Guide where she brought up the same kind of ship and just simply wrote “but I don’t want to talk about that” MY HEART WEEPS.

She avoids thinking about painful stuff, she’s a world-class expert on quarantining pain away from herself. People see her grinning while shooting fools on Crait and think it’s out of place — it is out of place!!! That’s not normal. While Ben is absolutely roiling in his feelings, she’s shut it away. She’s complicated and makes me all tender. There are all sorts of underlying and contradictory motivations to her, especially in TLJ, where she’s driven by so MANY different things:

  • The fruitless hope she can hand the baton of the story to Luke so she doesn’t have to examine herself any more
  • the quickly dashed hope she’ll find a loving father figure in Luke
  • being a Hero from a comforting story
  • the fear of her internal world, inner power and inevitable womanly maturation (the Force) and not knowing what to do with it
  • the heartbreaking hope she’ll find her parents without ripping off the tremulous bandage holding her entire self together.
  • The fact that going to the Supremacy was really the first big move she made on her own, not driven outwardly by the plot or her delusions
  • That she is STUCK in place (trapped to return to the desert/childhood) until she’s moved by Kylo Ren (who literally lifts her and moves her at first meeting when she would have returned to wait for her parents forever, and then later gives her motivation to make a move in her own right (going to the supremacy) and then forcibly divests her of her self-preserving lies, helping her finally start to move on)
  • the real exposure, change and growth for her character only ever comes through her compassionate telepathic connection to Kylo, the animus, the only one who could read the secrets of her soul that she wouldn’t even let herself know.
  • there are parts of this character story that I can’t quite articulate except to say that it reminds me of Sarah’s journey out of static childhood in Labyrinth, and that I’ve only seen that kind of girlhood maturation journey done so fucking well only a handful of times

That list got less and less coherent… oh well

Man, Rey is such a good character. Ben is very, very good, too, but Rey is exactly the same, layered and mirrored. And her reluctant journey out of girlhood gets me right behind the ribs, in the same way that Kylo “finding out where to put his energy as a man” did to other viewers, notably John B. Rey’s gets me more though.

I still don’t think I have quite a writing handle on Rey yet, but the more I write her the more I genuinely love her.