I’m working on a list of artists and gif makers who are anti///reylo so people can avoid reblogging from antis if they want. Hit me up if you have someone to add to the list please.

@i-am-thesenate i think you requested a list like this a while ago?

rogueone and swnews come to my mind immediately

In terms of artists who r anti reylo and are overt about it, the first one that comes to mind is Gretahs.

I’m pretty sure there are others, but frankly they’re the only one i ever saw someone give enough balls to draw actual anti reylo art.

Reylo fandom has gotten so toxic. Speculating about Adam’s marriage and how he should leave his wife for Daisy. :Sigh:


I never understood that “XYZ fandom is toxic” and yet I’m quite active in dramione and reylo, which are considered “toxic ships”. I’ve been drawing reylo since the very beginning, the so called dark times, and yet never received actual hate message.

To be honest it’s the first time I’m hearing about the Adam’s marriage thing.

In my reylo circle people are still obsessed with Radar Technician, there’s a bizarre yet so compelling bee au by @picarito and amazing dark illos by @winterofherdiscontent, let’s not forget about intense @elithien‘s drawings. I MEAN THERE’S SO MUCH GOODNESS. All @reyloanthology artists. @reylo-junkyard made a small list of reylo blogs to follow (x). There’s also a very cool reylo discord with amazing people. Shout out to amazing reylo blogs: @these-are-the-first-steps @pacificwanderer @feckyeswriting @karmadash-is-shippingtrash @kuresoto  @monharki (there’re even more amazing hyoomans but I’ve gotta run) 

I may live in a bubble but it’s a very comfortable one. 

Man this sounds like weird paparazzi/gossip rumours without sourcing, something that doesn’t just plague fandoms imho but life&media as a whole??? FFS it ain’t nothing new just look up sources and block anyone you don’t want to interact with if they’re spreading it some gross rumours.

Anyways I agree with chmura we should all go into our corners/circles and enjoy creating content and sharing it with others who would appreciate thank you so much for mentioning the bee au, bee kylo thrives with love and attention 🐝







the last jedi completely ruins rey’s character from the force awakens

after daisy ridley finished reading the tlj script, she said to rian “we need to talk”

her thoughts after reading the script: how does [the last jedi] work if rey and finn are not together?

when an interviewer asked daisy if she’s happy with the last jedi, she was very hesitant to answer

daisy on re/ylo: i read the fans’ posts and comments and it’s really eye-opening the way they talk about abuse and manipulation

daisy thought rian johnson would replace colin trevorrow and direct episode 9, and when it turned out it’s jj abrams instead, she literally cried with joy

daisy also said “ i don’t buy the mary sue thing anyway. i find the term sexist in itself because it’s ‘mary sue.’ i don’t think there’s a thing called ‘ryan craig’ (rian johnson’s full name is rian craig johnson)


bruh where are your sources on this??? this sounds like complete nonsense that you just decided to make up bc you apparently hate a fictional ship and character so much

It is complete nonsense. They took a handful of real quotes and added either complete bullshit (“Ryan Craig” I’ve seen that quote a number of times and never saw that addition) or speculated about why she was upset and is presenting it as fact (she did cry when she heard it was JJ BECAUSE SHE LIKED JJ not because of Rian, Rian was not mentioned at all when she mentioned she cried). Daisy did mention “abuse and manipulation” when talking about the online commentary about Reylo (not Reylo itself), but she also mentioned “chemistry and connection.” AKA, she took no real stance either way, simply mentioned both sides of the debate.

The rest is just their own bullshit theories presented as fact when there’s no actual fact behind any of it.

HAHAHAHAHA that whole OG post was a total train wreck I’m dying

lol anyway i come bearing actual receipts 



“The force bond is invading rey’s privacy and she keeps getting connected with a creepy dude. And one time he’s inexplicably shirtless :/”

The force bond keeps connecting kylo ren with a weird girl who keeps inserting herself into his family she has known for one day and keeps nagging him over his poor life choices when they’re none of her business. And one time she stumbles upon him when he’s shirtless it the privacy of his own room and won’t look away to give him his privacy even though he’s half-naked.

Lmao you can spin this either way. Your lukewarm anti kylo takes aren’t even funny anymore