honestly i don’t get this whole trying to paint rey as though they made equal mistakes in the throne room scene. it’s crazy to me to say the blame falls squarely on ben when the second the fight was over rey tried to use power he didn’t have (ben is not in a position to command military forces as hux reminded him) rather than thank him for saving his life or asking if he’s ok. dude was disassociating seconds before making his proposal, come on




but Ben IS in a position to command military forces??? because that’s literally what the third act of the movie is about???

and I’m the last person to act like Rey is a pure cinnamon roll, but the reason I’ve even been talking about any of this is because I’ve seen a lot of our fandom almost trying to place more blame on Rey than on Ben in that situation (and maybe that’s just a kneejerk reaction to how the rest of fandom treats him like the literal devil idk, but I take great pains to not go in the complete opposite direction of blaming Rey for everything while I’m defending Ben).

they both fucked up. that’s why the saber split in half and didn’t go to either of them. but I’m honestly really baffled about what people think the right thing for Rey to do in that situation would have been? of course Ben was emotionally distraught in the aftermath of killing his master, but so was Rey?? he just painfully made her face the truth about her parents AND every second she wasted was time the FO was shooting at and possibly killing her friends. was she supposed to comfort Ben or try to bargain with him while her friends were dying?

in an ideal world they would have had time to actually talk to each other and try to come to some understanding, instead of Rey just immediately going for the lightsaber, but it wasn’t an ideal world, she was desperate and desperately short on time.

Rey was in a super vulnerable position there????? She almost died for Ben???? What the fuck are you all smoking, acting like Ben was some little baby in this situation with no power at all???