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Do you think Kylo and Rey will kiss at some point in the trilogy? I mean, they have subtext galore but I’m wondering if that subtext will remain subtext.


It depends. If JJ Abrams had his way, I’d say definitely. But #plotgate has shown us there are other forces at work. Still, I’d put my money on yes. The full Rian Johnson quote from the Kamp article indicates to me that Rey + Kylo will be a plotline:


In essence, Johnson is saying:

  • Yes, there is a romance
  • No, it is not like Han and Leia’s
  • He would have loved for there to have been (in The Last Jedi specifically), but it didn’t make sense given the timing/characters (again, within the context of The Last Jedi)
  • He can’t speak to what Colin is doing

So there will be a romance plotline, but it’s not like Han and Leia’s and it was difficult to execute in a way that felt natural. None of this surprises me. Redemption must happen before any full blown romance can occur between Rey and Kylo, and redeeming Kylo in TLJ would be premature. I believe that we will see inklings of it by the end of TLJ and that will come as part of the Act III twist, but that’s about it. As others before me have belabored, redemption is lengthy and difficult to pull off in a way that satisfies the audience.

The other point of note here is that Rian can’t speak to what Colin is doing. Colin strikes me as a flashy, explosive happy endings kind of guy (probably one of the reasons he was chosen for IX) and in the style of classical Hollywood, those sorts of endings usually include a kiss. That being said, I’m terrified of Trevorrow after seeing Jurassic World (though I’m trying to keep an open mind! I swear!) and I’d rather see Kylo die unredeemed than see Rey becoming anything like Claire–a smart, perfectly capable woman reduced to being an accessory for a man.

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