Basorexia – An overwhelming desire to kiss for Reylo? Pretty please with cherry on top?


Well, I do love cherries. 😉 Hope you like it!

Basorexia An overwhelming desire to kiss.

In the heat of the moment – or is it the quiet, now that the fighting has stopped – Kylo finds himself nearer to the scavenger than he has been since back then. Since Starkiller. They’re pushed together by the rolling of the ship – he thinks their stabilizers have been hit, or else one of the engines. He hopes it’s not an engine.

The ship is already in bad shape. They need to leave.

But he can’t help but notice how she fits against him. Even when it’s because their small world is tilting, she slots so easily into his arms. So easily. How had he never noticed before?

He wonders if she notices.

She looks up at him with a confused expression. There’s worry, too, and her ever-present determination in her hazel eyes, but it’s mostly confusion. His arms tighten infinitesimally around her.

Her lips are pressed together in a firm line, and they look-

It occurs to him that he could kiss her. Right now, while she is in his arms. Force knows if he will get another chance. It wouldn’t take much effort at all, he would simply need to tilt his head a little-

He’s leaning in before he realizes it.

“Kylo, let go of me.”

The sound of her voice is all it takes to snap him out of it, his fragile little daydream. He wrenches his head back almost violently.

“Of course,” he grunts, practically shoving her off of him. She glares at him, a little surprised.

The ship tilts even further as they try and get to their feet, but they manage. The difficulty helps keep the scavenger’s focus, for which he is grateful. He can tell that he looks like an idiot, because his face is on fire. It makes his scar stand out more when he blushes.

She grabs ahold of his arm to keep herself steady, which sends an unwelcome flutter through his ribs. The ship groans around him.

Then something rocks the hull – is it another ship, he thought the fighters were all gone – and Kylo automatically reaches out to help keep her on her feet. His grip is durasteel, even he can tell, but he doesn’t loosen his hold.

And he doesn’t let go until it’s been a few seconds too long.

Hey arriku, how do you feel about all this reylo ship hate? Ship hate is nothing new but the reylo hate seems to be so aggressive lately and it’s starting to bring shippers like me down tbh :(


idrc what people like or hate–that’s their biz y’know? 

“ and it’s starting to bring shippers like me down tbh :(” 

But this. Not the hate, it’s this that fuels my so called spite-shipping. On that note, have a shojofied reylo doodle on me.


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*lies awake in bed*
I should pay more people to draw stuff from my fic because I’m desperate for more.


I know you would be there in a heart beat. Why must jobs keep us from our one true loves?

Maybe because it is how it’s meant to be


*lies awake in bed*
I should pay more people to draw stuff from my fic because I’m desperate for more.


Reylo AU part III


Part I, Part II


Historical AU (Russian Civil War 1918-1922) As a Russian I strongly want to read a love story of Red!Rey and White!Kylo. Unfortunately it hadn’t been written yet.




Demon!AU. For Russian audience ‘Demon’ is first of all a poem by Lermontov and art by Vrubel (Vrubel’s Demon looks a lot like Kylo!). So this is Lermontov!AU.


PWP. Just smut, not AU at all.