Hi! Can I ask what exactly is the renperor theory – how it started, what exactly is about, and if it’s something people actually think might happen?


The Renperor theory is basically the idea that instead of seeing Kylo Ren’s redemption, we’re going to see his evolution into the ultimate villain/antagonist (aka another Palpatine-like Emperor) instead. There’s a bunch of variations on this theory floating around, but most of them tie into Kylo restoring the Old Sith order (see: his obsession with artifacts/his lightsaber), the idea that he’s more of a free agent than people assume (i.e. he wasn’t coerced into joining the dark side – Kylo turning at 23 adds validity to this), and the assumption that he’s going to take out Snoke.

And yeah, it’s something people think could happen, with good reason. The bones are there for this story arc, and at this stage in the game the team could totally go this route (if they wanted to). There’s enough flexibility within the narrative for them to do so. It’s why I said there’s a real danger of thinking Kylo’s going to be 100% redeemed in my redemption meta, because right now there’s still a very, very good chance of them heading in the opposite direction. But again, we can’t really confirm which way they’ll go until Episode VIII.

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Beast!Rey and Beauty!Kylo Reylo AU Ficlet: “The Changeling”


So I had this headcanon for forever now after I wrote “The Quiet Hour” that Rey wouldn’t normally be able to wear delicate clothing because her claws would catch and tear on the fabric. When she sees the dress on Kylo, she gets excited because she can look at what a dress looks like in motion and she can wear it vicariously through him. (She originally didn’t choose for him to wear the dress. The magic furniture just caught him and stuffed him in the dress before he ran away and she saw him on the stairs.)

I wanted to explore how Rey would feel being able to finally wear the dress and I had been meaning to write it for a while. I had too much tea last night, so I couldn’t sleep and decided to write to kill time. Here are the fruits of my caffeine-fueled bender.

Sequel to “The Quiet Hour”

A week after she became fully human again, Rey is still getting used to this new form.

The loss of her horns is the easiest to recover from. Even with all the baubles and pins stuck in her hair by the newly-uncursed staff, she cannot remember her head ever feeling so light.

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