Hey there! I really adore your drawings and i was wondering if you could share what brush settings you use for sketching, lining, and coloring? Only if you feel comfortable doing so! Thanks so much!!

I use various programs so I think its best to split the works,
Uhh for works with this type of blending

and a bunch of works done before September I used to use Paint Tool SAI alot and my settings for that can be found over to this post.
But somewhere between August to September I switched to Photoshop, for works like 

Now this is trickier to answer since I use a bunch of brushes in PS that I found all over the internet.
A particular set of favourites is Kyle’s brushes and I have bought a few packs of his. He does have free brushes for download and I absolutely love his animator pencil brush. 
I also use this brush that i downloaded it off somewhere in the first page of google while searching photoshop brushes

And I use it frequently to paint, but otherwise its a huge mesh really, everything else is what I pick in that moment to use, and its just a huge mess of brushes within ps. What I can say is that I love varying opacity on brushes and as well using multiply layers for painting if that helps!

A general rule to my drawings is that I use a bunch of software since now I’ve just recently purchased clipstudio and procreate. So its a really huge mess, i tend to search for the painterly feel brushes and I’ve been swapping out of SAI so I haven’t had any preferred set of brushes much cept me jumping from one to another.



Ages ago I promised @cheesytriangle some more Reydar–sorry it took me so long to deliver!

Rey leaned against the balcony,
taking in the view across the lake. The trees along the water’s edge glowed
with bioluminescence, bathing everything in an otherworldly glow.

She tugged at her dress, still
unaccustomed to the feel of it—despite layers upon layers of silken fabric she
felt utterly naked without a weapon at hand. She missed the weight of her staff
across her back. Even her lightsaber would have been better than nothing,
though she still felt a clumsy mess when she used it—try as she might she
hadn’t been able to access that fluidity of movement, that power she’d
channeled when she was fighting him.

She sighed and toyed with the
crumbling edges of the stone bannister, pushing away thoughts of that shadowed figure
that haunted her still.  She wasn’t sure
why she’d been sent along on this mission—surely Finn or Poe would have been
better choices to meet with an Ambassador. Finn knew far more about the First
Order and Poe more about the Resistance—but, Leia had insisted that she be the
one to accompany Captain Reggaro, and she certainly wasn’t about to refuse the General.

The sounds of the party were loud
through the open doors, the clink of glasses, the murmur of conversation, and
the thin soaring strings of the Abstarrian Viol. She let her eyes flutter shut,
let the warm light of the candles grace her back as she turned her face into
the wind. She sighed heavily. 

“Yeah,” came a voice from the other
side of the railing, “I don’t like parties either. Too many people.”

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